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Note: We buy Options to hedge/insure all trades. This minimizes loss and ensures growth.

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We offer a wide range of Accounts. If you need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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There are 3 types of accounts from which to choose.

Certified Investor

The consensus international rule is that a certified investor has an account in excess of $100,000.00 USD. We follow this consensus and require a certified investor to maintain an account valuing over $100,000.00 USD. Benefits of a Certified Investor: Individual Broker assignment from NYSO investment bank, the ability to invest in high end investments that include IPO's etc. Certified Investors are invited to participate in special high-end investor events and have the ability to assign funds to various types of accounts i.e. Margin, Day trader, or managed account. All accounts are overseen by a certified Broker. Need to regrow your portfolio or company's pension fund in less time? NOTE: We HEDGE all investments. FULL TRANSPARENCY ***VIEW LIVE TRADES ON YOUR ACCOUNT***Average Returns Contact: Isaac Rothschild Email: irothschild@nysohedge.net

Margin Account

Margin accounts begin at $25,000. These accounts offer an immediate 100% Margin loan to trade. This is not a bonus and bonus rules do not apply. A separate Margin account agreement must be completed and returned. Funds in a Margin account remain fully liquid. NOTE: We HEDGE all investments. FULL TRANSPARENCY ***VIEW LIVE TRADES ON YOUR ACCOUNT*** Average Returns Contact: Dennis Dimes Email: ddimes@nysohedge.net

Managed Account

NY Stock Options offers managed accounts starting at $25,000.00. Managed accounts are traded by our certified brokers and are insured against loss of principal balance via hedging. Want to get in a hedge fund account but don't have the required $25,000? We have programs including margin loans that could have that $25k in your account in as fast as 30 min. To apply or simply ask a question about a managed account. NOTE: We HEDGE all investments. FULL TRANSPARENCY ***VIEW LIVE TRADES ON YOUR ACCOUNT*** Average Returns Contact: David Goldberg Email: dgoldberg@nysohedge.net

Starter Accounts begin at only $5,000

NY Stock Options offers Starter accounts beginning at $5,000. Starter accounts are traded by our certified brokers and are insured against loss of principal balance via hedging. These accounts work by pooling funds to meet regulatory requirements and once your balance reaches $10,000 a Margin Loan can be issued bringing your trading balance to the required $25,000. NOTE: We HEDGE all investments. FULL TRANSPARENCY ***VIEW LIVE TRADES ON YOUR ACCOUNT*** To apply for a Starter Hedge Fund account contact Mr. David Goldberg. Average Returns Contact: David Goldberg Email: dgoldberg@nysohedge.net

All account are managed by our brokers and 100% Transparent via client accounts.
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About Us

Headquartered on Madison Ave. in New York City, NYSOHEDGE.com is an aggressive growth hedge fund. We partner with leading global fund managers specializing in high risk, high return funds. We have specialized expertise in online option trading, equities and global based funds. Relying on a team of highly skilled financial consulting professionals and IT specialists, NYSOHEDGE offers tools, algorithm programs that takes advantage of market conditions to the advantage of our clients. NYSOHEDGE and its partners are Regulated & Certified by mandatory agencies for the protection of our clients, our clients have the confidence that their funds are managed by a fully regulated investment firm.


With a principal focus on the retail investor, NY Stock Options is committed to providing the highest level of client service, support, education and training, and security to individuals across the globe who are looking for the most modern and technically advanced methods of conducting their investment and trading transactions. Backed by timely market analysis, up to the minute news, and state-of-the-art research, NY Stock Options clients rely on our promise to consistently provide the most progressive, user-friendly and dependable online broker experience available anywhere. NY Stock Options offers a premier aggressive global funds that provides investors and traders the ability to trade stocks, currency pairs, commodities and indices on the global market.

Aggressive Growth

Need Help Trading? Our Brokerage firm offers aggressive growth hedge fund services with proprietary trading Technology, that utilizes our fund leverage to move any asset in any direction we choose. We get in and out at random using our algorithm trading software before the market knows what hit it. Our financial services and solutions experts specialize in aggressive growth funds. Contact us below for more information.

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Clients Testimonials


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Lina Stein
NJ School Teacher

My husband and I started with the same amount $10,000 at the same time July 2011. He invested with Vangaurd Group and I NY Stock Options. As of September 30,2013 my husband's Vanguard Select Funds total Value $10,618. His total fees $237. My account Values with NY Stock Options $37,528 and no fees or commissions. I just want to say thank you to them for helping our family.

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Kate Ford
Founder CCG

I was not sure what to do with my inheritance. I weighed my options, mutual fund, REITs, stock market or go aggressive. I decided to go aggressive with 1% of my inheritance. My uncle recommended NYSO and I talked with Mr. Rothschild. I then invested $100,000 with NYSO in their Certified Account. This was January 2012. Today that account is over $368,000. The brokers at NYSO are professional. They put everything in writing and I highly recommend them.

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Jason Wilson
Business Owner

I opened a margin account with NYSO and decided to have it managed. What a great decision! I started with $25,000 in August 2012 and today the account value is at $54,580 and that is only because I took out $10,000 in January 2013. Great job NYSO thank you!

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Jessica Diaz
Social Worker

I started in June 2012 with NY Stock Options with my broker Mr. Tatum. He grew my account by over 25% in about two weeks. Then I saw my account grow more slowly but over time I saw it was really growing. Now that we’ve been moved to the hedge fund department the balance is more stable. Since 2012 my account has grown over 137% and I just want to say thank you NYSO really, thank you.

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